WWE wrestling is big business with billions of dollars riding on it every season. This is primarily because it is one sport that transcends all barriers – age, sex and international borders. Go to any tournament and you will find men and women and kids screaming themselves hoarse backing their favourite wrestlers. Or see them swoon when the hunks walk on stage. There is a lot of showbiz in these tournaments, the hype and the glamour surpassing probably any sport on earth in terms of crowd participation.

However, as in any crowd pulling event around the world, advertisers do try and cash in on the numerous opportunities available and linked with the sport. One of them is WWE wrestling products. There is a huge market out there for such items largely because it gives a sense of belonging and a sense of oneness between the spectator and the performer. T-shirts with the names and pictures emblazoned on the front help a spectator to show openly to the others where their loyalties lie. If you are wearing one such clothing, it gives you the platform to swear your allegiance to a wrestler, never mind if he wins or loses a bout.

It is not only clothing that WWE wrestling products focus on. There are a lot of other offerings. Take for example collectibles with WWE logo printed on them. They can be anything, from piggy banks to encyclopaedias, from clocks to souvenirs. Or better still buy a piece that is not general but intrinsically linked to a specific wrestler. Remember Undertaker and his urn and coffins. Now such urns are available with his logo printed on them. If you an Undertaker fan, such an urn should definitely adorn your mantelpiece.

At the end of all the wrestling and jousting, the screaming and the shouting, it is the belt that matters most. Now get a replica of a belt and have it hung in your living room as proof of your enthusiasm for the sport. Or better still, you can even wear it to parties and events where fun dressing is required. At home, have real sized posters pasted all over your room to constantly remind you of the next bout coming up soon.

For kids, the sky is literally the limit for WWE wrestling products. Toys and backpacks to video games, they have a wide choice in front of them. Choose the favourite wrestler and buy his action replica in a size just right for your study table. Or get a school bag with an action photo printed on it.

The best part of WWE merchandise is that they do not cost the earth. This affordability has helped all sections of the population to choose and buy pieces and make a large collection of them. After all what is a sport without a wide fan base and fan loyalty?