Remember Wrestle Mania 2016 when 100,000 shouting, yelling, foot stomping fans of professional wrestling packed into the AT&T Stadium in Texas to watch their favourite stars in action? It was stamped as the biggest show in the history of wrestling. If you are a fan of wrestling it will be natural to dream that you too are walking down the aisle to the cheers or boo of your fans. However, this need not remain a pipedream in your mind. You too can make it a reality and be a professional wrestler if you follow a few tips.

  • Create the best shape that you have ever been in your life. Long before you get into the ring and as you come in through the curtain with your theme music playing in the background, you have to wow the audience with your looks. So it is necessary that you be in the best shape possible, both physically and aesthetically.

For this to happen you have to go through rigorous strength enhancing and cardio exercises. Your regimen should include developing core muscles primarily through weight training. Choose weight plates set that will maximise your weight lifting workouts without injuries. Ensure that your physical and facial build-up should match the character you want to portray.

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  • Enrol in a wrestling school with a proven track record. You will have to learn from the best tutors if you too want to be the best. Typically, your teachers should have wrestled for WWE or WCW. Only then can they understand your needs. They will also help you understand ring psychology and how best you can endear yourself to the audience. This is apart from your wrestling skills and is all about building your image. Good schools will also get you before talent scouts and agents so that you can quickly advance your career.
  • Study the life and history of pro wrestling greats before you. Legends such as Hulk Hogan based their styles on the greats like Bruno and Gorgeous George before him. This is the path that you should follow too. Research and study the matches and promos of the greats before you and how they mesmerised audiences by closely connecting with them. You will understand about pro- wrestling in general and what you have to do to hog the limelight in particular.

Whatever you might do, getting into shape is of primary importance as is living the character that you have chosen to show ring side.